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Glenferrie orthodontics is a long-standing specialist orthodontic practice with a highly respected reputation in Kew, Victoria. It is about people. Both our orthodontists – Dr. Stephanie Tang and Dr. Martin Poon – approach our patients as people first, working with them to select the treatment that meets each individual’s needs.

As practice owners, both Stephanie and Martin bring deep a practical orthodontic experience that is part of every treatment and patient journey. 

Located in Kew, the practice is close to many schools and public transport.

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Your local Orthodontists in Kew

  • Proven techniques
  • Highly qualified orthodontists with 30 years plus combined experience
  • Conveniently located in a central area with easy access to public transportation, major roadways, or nearby amenities, making it convenient for patients to visit.
  • Located near educational institutions such as schools, colleges, or universities, making it convenient for students and families to access orthodontic care while attending classes or participating in academic activities.
  • Individual treatment rooms for your privacy
  • A friendly welcoming team to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Innovative visual presentation of treatment options presented to patients at the beginning of their treatment and emphasise patient education, providing resources and information to help patients understand their treatment options and make informed decisions about their orthodontic care.
  • No referrals necessary, all patients are welcome.

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Early examination allows the Orthodontist to detect and evaluate any problems and plan appropriate treatment. Early treatment may prevent more serious problems from developing and/or make treatment at an older age shorter and less complicated.

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