Orthodontic expanders

Dental and orthodontic expanders are orthodontic tools used to gradually widen a narrow upper jaw. Expanders can be used independently or as a part of an orthodontic treatment plan. For individuals who suffer from a narrow upper palate and jaw, the benefits of improving upper jaw shape can improve general health and well-being. 

Dr Martin Poon during treatment of patient with orthodontic expander.
Orthodontic expanders being prepared in Melbourne at Glenferrie Orthodontic.

Palatal expanders

Expanders are commonly used to correct upper jaw width in children and adolescents. When used with other orthodontic treatments such as braces, expanders can assist in the correct alignment of severely crooked teeth. Expanders are occasionally used for adults.

Prevent impaction

Expanders can allow teeth to erupt into the correct position by providing more space.

Correct crossbite

Expanders can work to correct unilateral or bilateral crossbites.

Reduce crowding

Creating space for teeth may reduce the need for extraction.

Orthodontic expander results that speak for themselves

Here are just some of the amazing smile transformations achieved by the team at Glenferrie Orthodontics with orthodontic expanders.


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