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Your Local Orthodontist in Richmond

Orthodontics is constantly evolving. With so many new advancements over the years, it’s never been easier to find the right treatment options to suit your dental needs. Whether you require braces, spark clear aligners (Alternative to invisalign solutions) in Richmond, Glenferrie Orthodontics can help you achieve a high quality result. We understand that committing to orthodontic treatment can be a daunting task; however, we’re here to make the whole process both simple and easy for you.


Using the latest in orthodontic technology, we are passionate about delivering the right type of service that will keep you smiling over the long term. To further simplify the experience, we incorporate the latest 3D scanner technology to take moulds of your teeth for diagnosis. This replaces the traditional ‘mouth mould’ method.


Wisdom Teeth Treatment

Are you suffering from bleeding gums, jaw pain or a sore throat? If so, you may be experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth.


When you visit our clinic, we’ll perform a thorough examination before advising you on the best solution moving forward. A few of the common reasons why your wisdom teeth need removing include: local infection, bad breath, crowding, decay and cysts. Whether you need a simple extraction or more comprehensive surgical extraction, our team of dentists will devise a customised plan that takes into account your individual circumstances and budget.

Affordable Spark Solutions - Richmond

You don’t have to be unhappy with your smile any longer. If you have crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, crossbite or overbite, clear aligners may be the perfect solution for you. The clear removable aligners are custom designed to sit comfortably in your mouth, with the easy option of removing it for eating and drinking. Book a consultation with our team today and find out your suitability for Spark treatment.  Our goal is bring out your best smile everyday.


Finding a friendly and local orthodontist near Richmond is a just a quick phone call away. For more information on our list of orthodontic services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on (03) 9818 3166 to arrange an appointment.