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Do I Need to Get Braces?

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12:24 PM

Nothing can enhance your smile and your first impression better than teeth lined up like the piano keys. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Most people have crooked teeth, crowded oral cavity and poorly aligned teeth. And it is a lot more than a cosmetic concern.


Misaligned teeth can make cleaning difficult and cause several other oral health problems. Luckily, we have braces that can help you deal with this concern.


In this post, you will find out when and why you should get braces so you can decide on the next steps for your oral health.


Signs that You Need Braces

Common signs that indicate that you need braces include:

  • Visible crooked or crowded teeth,
  • Difficulty in cleaning (brushing and flossing) around crooked teeth,
  • Frequent tongue biting,
  • Your upper and lower jaw does not close over each other when your mouth is in a resting position,
  • Difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds due to the position of your tongue over your teeth,
  • Clicking noise from your jaws,
  • Post-chewing fatigue in the oral cavity.


When Should You Get Braces

It is always a good idea to be proactive in your health, particularly oral health. While the treatment for misaligned teeth often starts when your child has lost almost all of their milk teeth, and most of the adult teeth have grown, it is always best to consult an orthodontist by the time your child is seven years old. This initial evaluation will help you identify the possible need for treatment for aligning teeth.


However, the treatment usually starts between 9 and 14 and continues for several years, depending upon individual needs.


Can Adults Get Their Teeth Straightened?

Age is just a number, and technically, you can get your teeth straightened anytime. Regardless of your age, you can schedule an orthodontist's appointment and get started with the treatment. The only prerequisite for treatment is a healthy jawline and teeth. 


However, the sooner you get started with the treatment, the better results you can get. Remember,  misaligned teeth are not a self-corrective problem, so never expect the problem to get corrected independently. As you age and your jawline and teeth develop and grow, the crowding inside your oral cavity increases, which often means prolonged treatment (which may also cost you more). Therefore, it is best to get started with the treatment as soon as you notice any signs that you may need braces.


Schedule an Appointment!

Earlier examination by an orthodontist can identify and evaluate potential problems in your oral cavity right in time. And that often means early and more appropriate treatment and prevention of more serious problems. To find out the best treatment for your oral concerns, contact us now.