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Brush Your Teeth Before You Visit the Dentist

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14:18 PM

If you have a dentist’s appointment coming up soon, you should be concerned about the condition of your teeth. This is because the dentist will have to look into your mouth, so by keeping your teeth clean, you will be making a good impression regarding your oral hygiene practices. Here is why you should brush your teeth before you visit the dentist.


Removed Plaque

By brushing your teeth before visiting the dentist, you are making their job a little easier. Brushing and flossing will remove any food particles and elements stuck on the surface of your teeth. This will probably not remove all of the tartar and plaque, but it will help to clean out the surface. Plaque is very harmful for the teeth as it can aid in the breakdown of teeth and the loosening of gums.


Reduces Irritation

By removing some of the plaque and other food particles, your dentist won’t have to resort to extreme deep cleaning methods that result in tooth and gum irritation. These methods can also cause inflammation, and quite frankly, it can be frustrating to sit in a chair for a good 20-30 minutes when you’re in that much pain.


Saves Time

Now, it won’t turn your 30-minute appointment into a 5-minute one, but cleaning your teeth beforehand will save some time at your appointment. If you help remove some of the bacteria, food particles, tartar, and plaque by brushing before the appointment, the dentist will spend less time having to clean your teeth before they can inspect your not-so-pearly-whites. So, if you really don’t like going to the dentist and want to reduce the time you spend there, you can save some time by brushing, flossing, and rinsing prior to the appointment.


Boosts Confidence

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash before your appointment with the dentist will give you a sense of confidence. This does not mean that you will be able to fool your dentist into thinking that you practice excellent hygiene at all times, but it will indicate that you at least spend a good amount of time taking care of your teeth and oral hygiene needs – when you can be bothered.


Moreover, cleaning your teeth before the appointment will also ensure that your breath remains fresh and smells good which will make you feel less conscious at the time of the appointment. After all, think of the dentist – no dentist wants to work on someone who has smelly breath.

So as mentioned above, brushing your teeth before visiting the dentist is important and can benefit you in many ways. Nonetheless, a dentist is not going to make fun of you or shame you if you don’t brush your teeth before visiting, but brushing and flossing are recommended and is also a good practice for personal oral hygiene. If you want to get in touch with an expert or need more information regarding oral hygiene, please visit our website by clicking here.