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Keeping your appointments for orthodontic treatment is important to ensure your treatment goes as quickly as possible.

In order to accommodate as many patients as possible at the preferred times of before and after school, longer appointments, (for example discussions regarding treatment, to have braces fitted or removed and to fit appliances) are scheduled during the day. We also schedule most repair appointments during the day to allow enough time for any issues to be fixed.

Once the braces or appliances are in place, most patients will attend the clinic every 6-10 weeks to “adjust” them. These appointments are usually 10 to 15 minutes in duration. Every attempt will be made to schedule your appointment at a convenient time for you. If we have your mobile number on file, your appointments can be be confirmed by SMS the day before.

Missing appointments significantly impedes the progress of treatment. Arriving late for appointments means we may need to reschedule the appointment or we may not have enough time to do everything scheduled for your visit. It also inconveniences other patients.


If you need to reschedule an appointment at short notice we are happy to assist however this appointment may need to be during school hours as there is limited availability before or after school and most appointments are scheduled 6-10 weeks in advance. 

We strive to run on time and do our very best to accommodate the needs of our patients. Yetta and all the staff make every effort to schedule convenient times that also allow us to provide quality care. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to your orthodontic treatment.