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Orthodontic treatment using braces is the most common method used to straighten teeth.

A full range of fixed appliances (braces) are available at Glenferrie Orthodontics. These include stainless steel or 'silver' braces as well as ceramic or 'clear' braces. Depending on the treatment required, we will provide you with the most suitable option.

Fitting braces can involve two visits. At the first visit a 3D scan of the teeth will be taken for your orthodontist to formulate the treatment plan for your customised braces to be produced. This visit will take 30-40 minutes.

At the second visit your customised braces will be fitted to your teeth and arch wires placed in the brackets to begin the process of straightening your teeth. Patients will then be instructed on how to care for their braces. Patients will need to attend for an adjustment appointment every 6-10 weeks.